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Full body massage (back, legs, arms and neck.) It is designed to relax you and stimulate your muscles, it aids your circulation and lymphatic drainage. It is very relaxing and you will be able face the world with renewed energy.

Treatment time : approx. 1 hour

Hot stone massage - £45.00

Originally used by the American Indians as a therapy, today we combine the use of warm stones with essential oils / aromatherapy to create a truly relaxing massage, which will ease your mind and body.

Treatment time : approx. 1 hour 15 minutes

Aromatherapy - £32.00

Slow gentle massage of the body and face with an individual mix of essential oils blended from a choice of thirty oils, and tailored to your needs on the day- relaxation, uplifting, de-stressing or just pure indulgence. 

Treatment time : approx. 1 hour 15 minutes

Pregnancy Massage: £35.00

Massage designed to help you to cope with the aches and pains of pregnancy. Can help ease backache, tired legs and water retention as it helps improve circulation. You do however need to be over the 1st tri-mester of pregnancy to enjoy any of our holistic treatments. We have a specific pregnancy couch available with bump hole and support to enable you to really relax and enjoy your massage to the full.

Treatment time : approx. 1 hour


Massage of upper back, neck, scalp and face using pressure points to help relieve problems, can be useful for sinus problems, stress and headaches / migraine. Usually with a tailored blend of essential oils to suit.

Treatment time : approx. 40 minutes

ALL of our massages can be adjusted to suit your needs whether firmer or gentler or focussing on a particular problem area, PLEASE  feel free to discuss this with us during the initial consultation.

Aromaflex - £40.00

Aromatherapy back massage and Reflexology Treatment.

Treatment time : approx. 1 hour 15 minutes

Pediflex - £45.00

Pedicure and Reflexology.

Treatment time : approx. 2 hours

Luvli legs - £25.00

Leg massage with a choice of detox/anti cellulite or toning/tightening aromatherapy oils.

Treatment ime : approx. 40-45 mins

Universal contour wrap - £55.00

Detoxing and inch loss body wrap, please bring spare underwear and a good book, or you can just snooze - you're in the contour wrap bandages and suit for about 1 hour.  (Home care products are available)

Treatment time : approx. 2 hours