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Sports specific massage focussing on the muscle groups related to your particular sport. We check out the muscle balance / strength relating to the muscles used in your sport, help you to see where improvements may be made and give you home care advice that helps tackle any on going problems. The benefits for you are a quicker recovery time after an event plus you reduce your risk of injury.

Treatment time approx 45 mins / 1 hour - £35

Pre-and Post event massage 

The emphasis here is more on warming up right before your event making sure your muscles are in the best possible shape for your event and then getting rid of lactic acid built up straight after the event. This type of massage is best with 48 hours of your event.

Treatment time approx. 45 mins / 1 hour - £35

Both the above treatments may include soft tissue release techniques, PNF stretching, muscle energy techniques, connective tissue manipulation and pressure point work.