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Testimonials and Case Studies

The case studies are simplified and shortened so as not to bore you and make it slightly easier reading

Case study 1:

This Client came to me with medium to severe discomfort on the outside of her left limb. She said it had been going on for about 4 to 5 years. But recently the discomfort had increased which affected her Sleep, mobility and quality of life. She did mention that she had seen some therapists regarding this problem (Osteopath and Physio). But in this instance unfortunately with no lasting result. The Pain and discomfort was reduced or did disappear for only a couple of days after each of these treatments. After being recommended by a friend she decided to give it a go and visit my clinic not thinking that I could do  anything about it.

After thoroughly checking and testing of the client I came to the conclusion that the problem was soft tissue related and that the majority of the pain down the lateral side of the left limb was referred pain from the hip area where the muscles where tight and inflamed causing compression on the nerve, with the above mentioned pain as a result and weakness in the leg. After treatment I advised this client to come back for further treatment, fully expecting that the problem needed some more attention. (The client did feel some discomfort from the treatment which can be quite normal). As always my advise was to come back only if the problem hadn't improved, or when improvement had halted. I don't like to ask for repeated treatments if I don't feel the necessity and the client feels no need to do so, in this way clients don't feel pressurised in coming back if there is no need for it. (Occasionally I do recommend coming back for treatment if I feel the need to do so on an individual basis) This will also mean that the client is involved in their own recovery and has a responsibility regarding their own rehabilitation.

The lady did indeed return but this was nearly 1 year later. She told me on her second visit that the initial problem (a problem she had for 4/5 years!) completely disappeared after the first treatment and that she only came back now because a 'funny twist' had caused her similar symptoms. Her second treatment for a similar problem was again a success and this time the slight discomfort after the treatment was greatly reduced compared to her initial first treatment.

I do realise that not al injuries will have similar success and some people will need more than just one treatment, in this case it just shows you what is possible, what can be done and never to give up trying to improve certain conditions and long lasting injuries.

Case study 2:

This Gentleman came in with a very sore Achilles tendon. He had seen a doctor who advised rest, painkillers and if there was no improvement a steroid injection. After being recommended by a friend he came to Body and Sole Therapy to see if I could do something about it. As always I couldn’t promise anything in advance but that said, I have a good success rate for these types of Injuries. I was quite positive that we could improve or even cure the problem. So after a brief consultation and tests I concluded that it was Achilles Tendonitis. Fortunately the onset of the Injury was quite recent (3 to 4 weeks) which always makes it easier to treat  and with a higher success rate. After the first treatment the pain on palpation and gentle squeezing was reduced by 80% according to the client. Immediate improvement was felt upon weight bearing.  It took 3 sessions to clear the problem and together with home exercise advice, prevention exercises the injury was taken care of.


Case study 3:

This 30 active male year old came in after being recommended to body and sole by a friend. Being rather protective regarding his conditon and sceptical as he had been seeing several other health professionals with no long term results he finally came to see me. He had been suffering from severe sciatica over a period of approx. 3 years. It got to a stage where the client was now in continious and serious discomfort and it was affecting sleep and work. I did say to the client that no guarantee could be given as to how succesful the treatment would be, especially as the problem had been there for a 3 year period.  After determining that that muscle contraction/inflammation was responsible for the compresion of the sciatic nerve and comfirming with a few tests (SLR/Slumb test etc.) that this compression was very unlikely caused by spinal compression or spinal impingement  I commenced with deep tissue massage of the muscle groups most likely to be part of the problem (Lateral hip rotators) included in the treatment were stretching moves and mobilty improvements and soft tissue release points. After treatment the client felt an immidiate improvement of about 60%. After a while I contacted the gentleman and asked how he was doing. He replied that  within a couple of weeks after the treatment the sciatica completely disapeared. I recently had to deal with this client again for an another injury and he mentioned he never had sciatica since that one treatment. This was 3 to 4 years after the original treatment. Of course this is not possible with every customer but it just shows what can be done if the right treatment is given.

(Please be aware that the time spend on treatments may vary from person to person and the amount of  treatment sessions may be differerent).