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Your life style and the holistic approach

  • Do you feel constantly tired.
  • Do you struggle focussing at home or at work.
  • Are you more frequently than normal agitated
  • Struggle remembering things during the day

Some of the above mentioned bullet points can be indicators of too much stress or too big a workload.

We live in an time and a society where we can find it difficult to take time out from the hustle and bustle of our lives. You may feel constantly the need to perform to increasingly demanding jobs, bosses and also your private live can sometimes be hectic. We want to live life to the full, get the maximum out of it. But you know, sometimes we just need to take some time out. Get your head clear and re-focus. Recharge our batteries so to speak. Call it 'me time' or 'personal time'. This time out is not only benificial for you but also for your family and close friends as you can be a more balanced and less stressed person. It is not an indulgence but a true need. Through our holistic therapies we offer this type of relaxation and will customise this to your personal needs or requirements. What we offer are genuine high quality treatments with our experienced staff. We will discus with you what you want from the treatments. Most holistic therapies have general health benefits but have also relaxing features. If you are not familiar with the treatments then just ask us for advice. Just follow the 2 steps below.

  • Choose a treatment (or call in or phone us and discuss your needs with us so that we can tailor your treatment exactly to you)
  • Make an appointment by phone, email us or just walk in